Culham Court Cricket Ground can cater for all forms of cricket to include T20, 1 day 50 over games and 3-5 day test cricket if required.

The site consists of 3 full grass practice nets and 5 track cricket square, fully drained outfield with the standard pitched somewhere between semi professional and professional level in relation to surface quality.

Situated on the banks of the River Thames, underneath Culham Court itself, lies one of the most exquisite cricket grounds in Southern England.  The cognoscenti of the itinerant, jazz hat cricketing world have likened it to nearby Wormsley (where warm up games by visiting Test sides have been played), both in terms of its setting and the quality of the outfield and square. Culham Court Cricket Ground, or the CCCG as its Australian chatelaine likes to call it, is home to Culham Court Cricket Club (CCCC) and the Flashmen, as well as hosting local and county sides, and is also available for private hire for a game of cricket and hosting guests. Along with the marquee ‘Clubhouse’, surrounded with a picket fence adorned with the club colours of Eton Blue (there are strong family links) and black, there is ample parking and a loo cabin, again resplendent in club colours, which all adds to its understated charm.

Hosting a day at CCCG can involve simply hiring the ground and brining in your own caterers, or Culham Court can provide the family’s private chef who will present a feast that any guest will be awestruck by. The signature dish is called the Madras Calcutta, a curried chicken wrap, accompanied by generous servings of rice, vegetables, salads and potatoes, along with a selection of other menus to suit any culinary requirements and tastes. A traditional English tea (understatement is not a word often used in this case) is the high point of the day for many a player and spectator alike; the centre piece being scones, jam and lashings of rich, Devon cream. Contrary to common cricketing convention, the winner of the toss usually takes to the field first, that way they aren’t hampered by having to be too restrained when Tea is called.


  • ‘Having hit 96, including three sixes (two of them into the River Thames), eleven fours and that Culham Court eccentricity, a five for hitting the tree at deep square leg…!’ Eton Ramblers 2020


  • ‘As ever, charming opposition, coupled with some competitive cricket on one of England’s premier grounds, provided a wonderful afternoon of sport.’ – Eton Ramblers 2019


  • ‘It really is the most wonderful setting for a ground and we feel very lucky to have the fixture in our yearly schedule.  Long may it continue.’ – I Zingari 2020

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